Re: Odd Toilet "Double Flush", Clogged Drain Pipe?
Posted by Grant Wilkinson on February 06, 2003 at 11:45:22:
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I have new American Standard 1.6 toilets and in trying to get them to flush better, AS sent me new flappers. Apparently, the flappers they sent stay open longer than the stock ones. In doing so, they cause the toilet to flush twice before the flapper closes. They also empty the tank, so I'm using more than the 1.6 g that I'm supposed to use. Maybe that's your situation, too??


: My toilet will flush twice and I'm trying to figure out what might be going on. Basically the bowl empities once and then, as the water from the tank continues to enter the bowl, the bowl fills and empties again.

: My impression is that the drain pipe can't handle all the water at once and this is preventing a continuous drain of the bowl.

: Does that theory make sense? If so, should I try to clear the drain with a chemical clog remover?

: Thanks,

: Bob

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