Re: Replacing my 1959 Crane Walson toilet
Posted by liam on February 04, 2003 at 16:08:29:
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Gary, or anyone,
I want to know where "all the parts needed" are located. I have had to jury rig, with success, two units because of no parts. I now just had the splines, both female and male, on the flush handle go out. I need some parts to keep this unit going, as it is part of the 100 yr "old house" charm, and I not only have one, but two back to back through the walls. Appreciate any help.

: If you want to replace that toilet, then check Terry's toilet discussion link. You say the mechanical parts have had it. No doubt, but they are easy to replace. There are kits that have the big rubber washer to seal the tank from the stool, new tank bolts and all of the other parts needed. Unless it's broken, the tank isn't worn out, just the parts. So, unless you really want to make a change, repair the old one, and it'll be ready for another 45 years use.

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