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Posted by Gary Slusser on February 04, 2003 at 11:54:31:
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: where would I get Georgia Marble? I thought of replacing the PVC before the softner and the poly filter (just not to code...).

GM is a sacrificial mineral used in AN filters and available to any (independent) water treatment dealer selling those filters. You could also use Calcite but I find GM is a better product for use in my area where we have water pH as low as 5.2. The sales lady proposing the AN filter may use it.

Ah yes, the CODE, it must call for copper or not approve of PVC. But be careful here, when many people see plastic they call it PVC but it's not. PVC, to my knowledge, is not used underground in my area (PA). PE (polyethylene) tubing is. That's the type of tubing that uses barbed hose clamp fittings and comes in up to 1000' coils. It's used (and has been for decades) all around the world for residential well water systems and distribution lines and works very well.

Anyway, and this may not help you, there is a new NSF Standard 61 banning copper if the water run through it has a pH of less than 6.5. I mention this due to codes calling for the use of copper and making no provision for anything else. Some codes have already been changed (12 States I think I read recently) and more are being changed because of the new standard. Problem is you can't show a pH of <6.5. But you can show an excessive copper content. Here there are no codes to my knowledge, as to well water systems' plumbing materials. So are you sure there's a specific code dictating copper for your residential well plumbing? What applies 'in town' may not apply to you. In my opinion, copper should never be used for well water from the well to the building; at least in acid rain and acidic groundwater areas. And that covers many States.

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