Re: Testing Water Pipe Installation B4 Turning on Water
Posted by Colleen on February 04, 2003 at 10:23:24:
In response to Re: Testing Water Pipe Installation B4 Turning on Water
: There are test gauges that have a fitting with the air inlet in place. You screw the fitting onto an adapter, inject air with the compressor and then wait to see if the pressure drops. One hour is usually long enough if the gauge is sensitive enough to show a minor drop. Finding the leak can be the difficult part if it is a very small one that is not detectible by the sound of air escaping.

: : I just replaced almost all of my main water trunk lines in the house. After working all weekend, I turn on the water and discover four leaks. So I go ahead and drain system (not easy), re-sweat, and hope for the best. Two leaks remain. I finally go through the procedure again, this time all is well.

: : So ------ How do I test before turning on the water? I imagine using air pressure and guage. What fittings do I use to inject air and test pressure? I have an air compressor. What pressure? How long to wait?

: : We are now repiping to the 2nd floor and I'd like to do this test. What is the test guage called and where can I get it?? Please respond

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