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Posted by TB on February 03, 2003 at 23:04:13:
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Sounds like you have air in the system. I assume you have a hot water baseboard type heating system. Do you also hear gurgling? You may have a small leak that is introducing air. Without having any specifics, you need to re-prime the offending hot-water zones. You should have a shut off for the input side with a sillcock after the shutoff. Shut off the the input. You should also have a sillcock near the boiler. Use a hose to push water throughout the system, pushing out any air. When only water streams out, shutoff the water and sillcocks and reopen the valve.

Not an expert, but hopefully that helps.

: The house we bought has hot water baseboard heat. It clanks, bangs, and gurgles every time it cycles on. It is two zone, and is most prevalent in the second floor. We are used to bleeding radiators and have no idea what to do to stop this problem. HELP!

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