Toto Carlyle problem - HELP!
Posted by Andy W. on February 03, 2003 at 00:01:57:
Ok, so I research, read, research some more, and decide on the the skirtless Toto Carlyle for our bathroom remodel project. Nice looking toilet.

Plumber comes, installs it... flushes fine. so I thought. an hour later, I stand up, go #1, and noticed with just a quick 'squirt', a dripping sound from under the toilet, like a glass of water being trickled in underneath.... then I flush... it goes through the routine rather fine, the sounds all stop, and viola! there is the dripping sound again.

I call TOTO tech. support and they tell me this is a known problem with the plastic rough in tubes. I did put a 10" rough in on, as I needed it, but what the heck, for a $500 toilet, this thing makes an ridiculous amount of noise.

The dripping is apparently caused by the water remaining in the rough in, and the overflow. They shipped me a flapper from a powermax, and a water restrictor for the fill tube. seems to have made it worse, and the dripping lasts longer.

Has ANYONE had a similar situation,and do you have a fix? this really stinks... there is no reason the dripping (which, is a constant dripping, no a drop...drop...drop...)should be there. It lasts for a good 10-20 seconds after each flush, and also with just a very small amount of other liquid (urine) going in..

something is wrong and your help is more than appreciated!


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