Low water pressure
Posted by Mike on February 01, 2003 at 23:46:14:
I've got a 250' well with 240' of water. The pump was just replaced by a plumber because it was surging up to a 30 amp draw and pulling lots of sediment.

The new pump doesn't seem to be able to keep up, or I have another problem. The new pressure switch is set to 40/60. The welltrol tank has 38 psi with 0 psi in the lines. Starting at 60 psi, I open the bath faucet. Three minutes later, the pressure is 20 psi and stays that way until the faucet is shut off. It takes 5 minutes for the pump to increase the pressure back to 60 psi.

Is the pump bad or should I look elsewhere? What should I check next and how?

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