Re: Copper Corrosion
Posted by Gary Slusser on February 01, 2003 at 23:27:01:
In response to Re: Copper Corrosion
: The magnesium anode was soldered to the outside of the pipe and is buried 3 feet below grade. The water quality people who sold me the softner have tested the pH on site and said that it confirms the labs readings. They have done this three times and are therefore not recommending an acid neutralizer. The independent salesperson who came over once, tested the water only one time from one place came up with the who's right? She instantly went into a pitch on and A.N. filter. following about 25 lab ph tests and 10 tests on site, the pH is believed to be closer to 7.0 than 6.5 (at least by myself).

That causes more questions. What do you think she should have done? IYO, why have the labs and those 'water quality people' not come up with the cause? Who suggested the anode rod thing? I've been in business for 15 years in central PA where we have some very aggressive water and I have treated a fair share of it but I've never heard of any magnesium anode being buried and soldered to a pipe. I'd like to know more about that. But then, since it doesn't seem to be working I guess I don't need to. You wouldn't happen to have copper tubing outside and down the well would you? If so is it underground in a conduit or buried bare?

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