Feasibility of just replacing briggs tank with something else
Posted by Rodger...again on February 01, 2003 at 12:51:07:

I have a Briggs power assist style 1.6g toilet that I bought in 1995. It has the plastic/stainless style tank and has been a frustration to me for a long time. The air inducing valve assembly requires frequent cleaning and the handle has never worked well from the beginning. This particular toilet had a button on top when they first came out, and that would have been a much more reliable way of actuating the flush valve. However, probably due to "style" they moved to a side handle lever arrangement and that's what I've got. It just doesn't have enough leverage to push the flush valve. We don't put the lid on it anymore because it just easier that way. Now the thing leaks at the seal between the tank and the bowl. I just want to get rid of this problem and get something that works. Terry's toilet review has me convinced that the Toto is the way to go. However, the wife suggests that I look into just replacing the tank with something else that may work just as well and save us the trouble of replacing the bowl. Normally a bowl replacement wouldn't be much trouble, but my install is different. The guy who remodeled my bathroom didn't get the tile floor level where the bowl sits. He had to put a bed of plaster of paris under the bowl to get it level. He then put grout around the resulting gap between the bowl and the tile floor. For obvious reasons I don't feel like ripping that all apart and doing it over again if I can get away with just replacing the tank. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation and are there any suggestions? Maybe someone has a lid with the button and would sell it to me?



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