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Posted by Anthony on January 31, 2003 at 12:41:16:
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So would you suggest the two 40 gallon LP water heaters placed in separate areas of the basement as opposed to the single 75 gallon electric?

: I have not seen any heat recovery units that "harvest" any great amount of heat from a heat source. As far as one heater compared to two, assuming the two would be in separate areas of the house, unless you also install a circulation system, some of the faucets could have a lengthy flow time before the hot water arrives. A circulation system, unless put on a demand timer will also add to the monthly utility bill and shorten the life of the water heater. An electric heater is an expensive way to heat water if other sources such as gas are available, up to $30.00 per month. "Free" is an initial cost, you have to consider the long term expense and make your decision.

: : We're getting ready to build a new home and as an incentive to install geothermal H/C, our utility company offers a free high efficiency 75 gallon Marathon electric water heater. We plan to have a desuperheater installed with our geothermal system to recover some of the heat from the heat pump and provide supplemental heat to the water heater. Our plumber had originally included in his bid two 40 gallon LP water heaters. Should we ask the plumber to forget about the two 40 gallon water heaters and go with the "free" 75 gallon water heater? I would like advice on the efficiency, reliability, etc. concerning these options. Thank you!

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