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Posted by hj on January 31, 2003 at 08:11:41:
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When you say you soldered the magnesium anode bag to the copper, is it outside the pipe or does the water flow through it?

: We are currently in about a one year old home. We are on well water that has been tested multiple times resulting in a ph range from 6.9 to 7.2 (with the exception of a water salesperson who said it was 6.5). We have been testing our water for high copper after noticing blue green stains on our shower tile about 2 months following our move in (my wifes highlights in her hair also turned a tint of green). Our testing resulted in values between 1100 ug/l to 2600 ug/l (epa levels are 1100 ug/l).

: We have a water softner that was installed about a month before we noticed the problem, but when we bypassed the softner for a few weeks and tested the water, we got the worst readings (2600 to 2800 ug/l). So, it appears the softener is helping, however, having it installed so early may be keeping the pipes from developing a protective coating. We have had a plumber check all the connections, and also an electrican check all potential bonding issues with no avail.

: I just installed 2 polyphosphate cartridges (opaque cartridge that slowly disolves) in parallel after the water softner. I also sodered a 17 lb magnesium anode sacrafice bag to the copper pipe at the entrance of the copper pipe to the house where it transitions from PVC to the sweep. If these don't work, I was thinking of putting an acid neutralizer on the system. If that doesn't work????Whole house reverse osmosis????

: Short of paying a consultant $3,000.00 to maybe find the problem, I was wondering if you think i'm headed in the right direction. This has been an extremely frusterating experience (espically since my wife was pregnant just after we moved in). She had copper tests done on her and my little girl and they were OK.

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