Re: Converting an under-counter dishwasher to portable
Posted by hj on January 30, 2003 at 20:34:17:
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To do it correctly, if that is even possible, would require an electric cord reel, a combination water supply and drain hose, along with a way to extend/retract it, and the combination fitting to attach it to the faucet spout. By the time you were done, if you could find those pieces inexpensively, you would still have a lot of money and time invested and it would definitely look like a home made unit. An inexpensive non=convertible portable would probably be a better deal, especially if the old dishwasher is not fairly new

: I know absolutely nothing about plumbing, but I have been searching for a way to convert an undercounter dishwasher to a portable one. I have seen lots of people trying to do the opposite, but so far have been unable to find any information that would help me. Mounting it on wheels would be no problem, and building a casing for it would be easy enough, it is just the plumbing aspect that I am unsure about. Is it possible? And if so what would I need? Thanks.

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