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Posted by dick on January 29, 2003 at 21:32:19:
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: I like my steaks "black and blue". My gas grill just can't get hot enough. Can I "soup up" my grill to burn hotter? The grills I see in restaurants look like they could melt iron.

If you are using natural gas, check to see if the grill was designed for propane. you have to drill out the jets to convert from propane to natural gas. The manufacturer can tell you the correct size jet but may be reluctant to give out the info due to liability concerns. If they wont tell you, you'll just have to guess.

If you drill them out too much and get too big a flame it will overheat the aluminum housing and the grill will start to collapse. Resteraunt grills are typicaly made of steel and cast iron, not aluminum.

some grills are just manufactured with an undersize burner. i've seen similar size grills with 30,000 to 45000 btu burners.

Also check your supply line size if using natural gas. 3/8 may be ok for short runs but use 1/2" for longer runs. natural gas is at extremely low pressure and needs a bigger pipe than you would expect. propane operates at a higher pressure and line size is usualy not an issue.

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