Wall Hung Toilet Problems
Posted by Tom Woods on January 28, 2003 at 16:40:24:
Unfortunately, my twenty-six year old home was constructed with wall--0hung toilets throughout. One of these was cracked by an obese renter about six months ago, and had to be replaced. As a replacement for the original American Standard toilet I purchased a new Crane Rexmont. This was after a plumber replaced the nipple for the toilet outlet. The nipple installed by the plumber is 3" ABS pipe and has a 4 1/2" wide flange for mating with the toilet outlet. The carrier is a Zurn model circa 1974-75 with a metal frame and four studs with bolts. The nipple, as installed, projects only about 1/4" beyond the drywall. As you will have already guessed, the toilet leaks, no matter whether I use one wax ring, two wax rings, or a Zurn rubber/neoprene ring. I have even tried thick sponge rings, all to no avail. I am convinced that the nipple does not stick out from the drywall sufficiently to form a good seal. Given that the plumber glued the nipple into the ABS-T behind the carrier, how can I fix the nipple (i.e., make it longer) so that it can seal against a sponge/rubber ring? How far should the nipple project from the drywall to properly seal against the ring? Are there ABS extensions available that would work? Or do I need to remove the drywall again and install a new nipple? Thanks much in advance for any help or advice that anyone can provide.

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