bathroom remodeling/relocating
Posted by JC on January 28, 2003 at 14:03:18:
hello, i have a small bathroom that i would like to relocate to a larger room and was wondering if there is anything (structural, plumbing) that would definitely prevent it from being done. both are on the second floor, room centers are approx 15 feet apart, the larger room (new bathroom) is above a 1st floor living room, two walls are shared by both the living room and new bathroom (thinking plumbing could run through these walls into the basement where the existing plumbing leads). some family members have told me the plumbing would be impossible, which i took to mean "expensive", and i am concerned about the weight - primarily the bath tub. i am going to get a professional in to look at things, but came across this site so i just thought i'ld ask. thanks in advance for any advice.

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