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Posted by Casman on January 28, 2003 at 11:21:35:
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: I have a 1 piece toilet flange that if attached, ie (set onto the pipe sticking out of the floor), would be about 3/8 too high, thus the flange would be sitting off the floor. There is no way to lower the pipe elbow, and the riser if you will is already short enough in relation to the elbow. I plan to cut a small slice off the bottom of the 1 piece flange to make it fit and sit flush on the floor, is this ok to do?

I do not intend to cut the 3/8 ring at the top, rather at the bottom where the piece itself is thicker plastic, I believe the female end, is thicker plastic and around 3 inches tall. This bottom slides onto the pipe sticking through the floor. Right now if I set the flange into position on top of the elbow, without the 3 inch pvc pipe inserted between the 2 pieces its a little high. So I figured since I can't lower the elbow( it's sitting on the ceiling lathe) that I could cut say 1/2 inch or so off the bottom thicker part of the flange fitting itself. I'm probably not correctly lableing this part but I don't know what to call the bottom of this thing, the coupling transition end...I guess it would be nice to know if they sell a flange that is smaller in overall vertical height. This one is around 5 inches tall in total...

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