Re: PVC to cast iron connection
Posted by Casman on January 28, 2003 at 10:54:29:
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: I'm remodeling a 62 yr-old pier and beam house in Houston and am removing a 4" diameter (almost 6" at collars) cast-iron drain and cleanout that comes out of the ground and extends up thru the roof for venting. Using a sawzall, I've removed it almost to ground level but need advice before proceeding w/ last cut. The pipe coming out of the ground is 4" diameter w/ a collar just above ground level. My question is 1) How do I transition the new PVC drain system I plan to run from the toilet/sink/etc to that cast iron sewer drain (ie 4" PVC to 4" cast iron), and 2) should I cut it at the collar or a couple of inches above it for the fitting you suggest?

: THanks in advance for any suggestions!

Use a fernco coupling, I would cut it more than a few inches above just to be safe....the coupling is a rubber sleeve with band type clamps...good luck

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