Re: Angle Valve Problems
Posted by Ray on January 28, 2003 at 09:48:56:
In response to Re: Angle Valve Problems
:The brass sleeve wouldn't go far enough inside the existing nut to allow the valve to screw on. I couldn't match the threads up.
I also think the existing pipe is too short for me to cut the end off and start over with a new nut. Is it time to call a plumber?

: A very good danger of the valve sliding off and flooding the house. If an "O" ring were sufficient, that is what the companies would send. Why didn't the new valve go on properly, especially if it was replacing an existing valve that was properly attached?

: : I just replaced an angle valve and supply line to my toilet. (The pipe from the wall is copper tubing.) The valve comes with a brass compression sleeve that is supposed to go over the copper pipe (and inside the valve when screwed down on the nut.) Unfortunately, I could not insert the brass sleeve in far enough to allow the valve to be screwed on, so instead, to prevent leaks, I inserted a rubber o-ring inside the valve, and this seems to work. Is there any danger in using the o-ring instead of the brass sleeve? Thanks.

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