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Posted by hj on January 27, 2003 at 21:06:57:
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Yes. Take a stem to a plumbing parts store, or give us a picture. 50 years ago was not such a long time.

: My home has the original plumbing, which was built/installed in 1955 (California). Raised foundation. Cast Iron tub with a not so great back splash in main bath, tiled shower in second bath. I cannot figure out what brand of stems/hardware was used. None of the local home supply Warehouses have anything I can use. ABout All they have is assorted o-rings. I need to stop the leaks, and possibly replace the stems, handles, and escutsheons. BUt HOme Diego, Lowers, Nor a true Valuless have anyhting I can use. Any ideas besides changing ou the Manifolds?

: American Standard
: Price Pfister
: K�hler

: None are exact.

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