monoflow system
Posted by Dennis on January 27, 2003 at 16:38:15:
Have a monoflow system installed in 1954 in a multi level house (don't ask why). System has be never really been right since installed. Lots of air and need to bleed rads every year. Leaks in the piping that runs in the floor. (again don't ask why). Boiler is in the basement with a 1 1/2 feed line going to the first level then splitting with a Y at the end. Two return loops feeding both first level, second level, and a third level. Also two rads in the lower level. Sometime in the past a plumber came in and added a strip of baseboard in the basement (lower level) it never got warm in there and three pieces of case iron baseboard laid under the floor in the living room above the convection that was there (don't ask). This new arrangement (best I can describe it) was taken off via a tee on the feed and return then split and run to the rads, with no monflows. We just replaced the boiler and we are having a problem getting enough heat out of the rads. Water temp is 185, no air in system, pressure is at 20lbs. This boiler had a package Taco pump which is installed on the return side of the loop. My feeling is that we are not getting enough flow through the loop to draw water into the rads. Am I right? My thought is to put an addtional pump, matched Taco, on the supply to increase the flow. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks

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