Basement Rough-in Locations and Options
Posted by Ken King on January 27, 2003 at 12:39:25:
We are finishing our basement and plan on a bathroom where the contractor has set the floor rough-in's. (concrete floor). I am planning the framing and am wondering if I need to relocate the existing rough-in's or what options are open to me? I would like a shower or shower/tub combo. Here's what exists:

Floor rough-in's are located on a back right corner wall, the 2" is centered at 18" from the (right)side wall and 7.5" from the back wall. The 4" is 22" to the left from the 2" rough-in and is 20" from the back wall. There is also a 2" drain that runs down the back wall from the floor joist into the concrete with a stub out facing to the left that is capped. I am assuming this is for the sink drain.

I dont know what options are available with this configuration, will I furr the walls around the shower area with shallow furr strips or maybe not at all because of the drain location, am I fine as long as I use a left end drain tub or shower pan, do I have to build up the floor at this location? Do I connect this rough in straight up into the drain of the tub or shower? What about the over-flow drain?

I am flexible with my design at this point and dont have any strong desires as far as what I want there only that it have a shower, as this will be a guest room. I want the easiest solution that will give me a shower with this configuration. Thanks.

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