Tankless water heater
Posted by Jim C. on January 26, 2003 at 15:40:39:
Here's a challenge for anyone that cares to tackle it.
I currently use a 40 gal. electric hot water heater to supply my master bathroom. It sits in an un-heated garage and supplies the bathroom directly above it. It is only used for two showers each day in the early morning. It also supplies the sink of course. I tried to put it on a timer, which actually resulted in a higher electric bill. I suspect that is because of the recovery rate. My incoming winter cold water is between 39 and 42 degrees f. Any advise on installing a tankless heater? I have natural gas in the house but to run a line to this end of the house would be cost prohibitive. Would an electric model be able to raise the temp sufficiently? I could put a propane tank on the outside wall and pipe through the cinder-block.
Any thoughts??

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