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Posted by hj on January 26, 2003 at 08:40:52:
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The expansion tank can go anywhere in the system. If it is between the shutoff valve and the heate inlet, then it will also function when the water supply valve is shut off. It is a minor point, since if the valve is shut off when the tank is full of cold water and the burner/elements are not turned off, there will be expansion which will be released by the pressure valve, but it will only happen one time. Once the water is heated, the pressure will either stay the same or drop as the water cools, but since no water can enter the tank, reheating the water will not create an excess pressure the subsequent times the burner operates.

: Installer put in a new GE 50G gas water tank with a 2.1G 30psi expansion tank (Arrow Industries model 12A101), it looked small, is it the "correct" size for the heater? Location is Kent WA.

: Also, the installer put a Tee on the cold water inlet of the heater and put the expansion tank on one end of the Tee, and cold water line on the other end. On all of the installation drawings I have seen or posts I have read, they all show/say the expansion tank installed between the cold water inlet and the cold water shutoff valve - this make sense to me, however, the one I have, the expansion tank is not exactly between the water heater and the main shutoff, would this work? Is it "correct" or "acceptable"?

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