Slow drain in tub
Posted by Louis on January 25, 2003 at 18:14:40:
I have an older house (1951) and the bathtub on the 2nd floor drains slowly and gets progressivly worse until it is snaked. The tub on the 1st floor (directly beneath the other) drains fine. I've tried all kinds of commercial products for cleaning out slow drains and nothing works. I have to have a plumber snake the drain and it drains fine for a few months and then the same problem slowly starts again. I do keep a strainer over the drain. If able, I would just snake it myself when needed but I have never been able to get a snake down the drain. Is there any other solution to this problem other than calling in a plumber every few months? It gets expensive. Can the build up in the drains be completely cleaned out someway between the two floors? Thanks for any advice.

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