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Posted by Gary Slusser on January 25, 2003 at 10:49:45:
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: : : Several days ago, I replaced the submersible pump in my well. For a two or three days the water in the house was fine, but has turned very muddy. When pulling out and putting the new pump back down in the casing, it came out and went back easily, not catching on anything. Any suggestions? Thank you

: : What size pump did you replace; gpm and hp?

: : What size is the new pump; gpm and hp?

: : Did you replace the tubing?

: : Did you install a torque arrestor?

: : Are you sure it's mud and not iron?

: It is a three quarter horse pump, the same as the one I took out. I didn't replace the tubing. I installed the same torque arrestor as was on the old one. I am sure it is mud, and alot of it. Thanks for your help

Pumps are made up of two parts. One is the 'wet' end or pump part, the other is the motor. Each are rated; the wet end in gpm and the motor in HP. The wet end comes first and once you know the gpm at the pressure and head you need you then select the HP required to get the job done. So, if you don't know the gpm rating of the pump it may be higher than you had before and is stirring up the well and causing this 'mud'. I sell pumps and there are many � hp with very different gpm ratings. Or you may not have the torque arrestor adjusted right.

On the other hand, pulling a pump stirs up dirt in the well and breaks up biomasses etc.. So after you're done it is usually necessary to run water out a garden hose, or the drop pipe, until the water clears. Sometimes that causes more dirt but usually if there's nothing wrong with the well the water will eventually clear. You didn't have dirty water to start with so something is different than with the old pump. Possibly it's nothing more than the new pump's ability to move water better than the old one. Possibly you have a higher gpm pump than the old one and you're pulling the water level down farther than the old one did. Run the water off through a hose and see if it clears. If not then maybe you have a change in water quality that happened within those few days after replacing the pump and one has nothing to do with the other.

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