Re: Leaking Shower pipe and drains
Posted by hj on January 24, 2003 at 15:21:35:
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As long as your tub does not leak you know the shower leak is between the valve and the shower head, at the overflow plate on the tub, or the tile. From here it is not possible to determine which applies to you, but you can begin a process of elimination to find out which is the cause. You should not have to open the wall, because almost all the leaks should be fixable from outside the wall.

: Here's a 2-fold problem....1) Our upstairs shower/tub leaked down to the 1st floor sealing. After caulking and sealing all possible cracks etc...we filled the tub and ran water-no more leak. Then we ran the shower and it leaked again...Do we have to open up the walls now????
: 2) My husband replaced the faucets in our double sink and put back the original drain (the new ones were a little short)...after putting plumbers tape and refitting the pipe, it leaks too. any suggestions??? He gave it 4 tries..... Thanks from we hate plumbing.

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