Re: Leaking at Poly/Brass Fittings for Humidifier
Posted by pw on January 24, 2003 at 14:53:18:
In response to Re: Leaking at Poly/Brass Fittings for Humidifier

It is very easy to overtighten, after which all hope is lost. Sounds like it is time to start over. You will have to remove the compression nut and cut off the portion with the compression ring. Reinstall with a new ring, being sure the tubing enters the fitting straight, then tighten gently, do not over tighten. You can always tighten more if needed. Were it me, I would use copper tubing.

: I installed a new line to my the humidifier on my furnace from a kit. The assembly involves a brass compression nut with a tubing insert. The directions say to slide the polyethelene tubing over the insert and into the fitting as far as it will go and then wrench tighten.

: No matter how much I tighten, I get leaking out of both ends (i.e. off the water supply line and at the furnace connection).
: Are there any tricks of the trade to snug up the connection?

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