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Posted by Gary Slusser on January 24, 2003 at 10:23:40:
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: I have a problem I cant figure out. Due to a family illness I got to try and fix this myself. I have a ace well pump that bleeds off pressure within fifteen minutes of shut off it a deep well jet pump with the two hoses. I put a check valve in the feed line but it still bleed down. Can some one help me.
: thanks
: Dave
: Michigan

A deep well jet has two lines, one, the smaller is the pressure side, the other which is larger, is the suction side. You can't install a check valve in either line and get any benefit from it because one line is the same as the other as far as the water is concerned; they are actually one line with two different Ids to and from the j-body which has the foot valve on it.

You have a leaking foot valve and/or a leak in either pipe or their fittings from the pump to the foot valve in the well. This assumes you've shut off the water to the house and still have the problem. If not do so, and if the pressure stops the leak is on the house side. If not it's on the pump side.

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