Washer drain pipe clog. Help Please!!!!!
Posted by Tim H. on January 23, 2003 at 23:57:17:
I'm not sure what the clog is, or where in the pipe it is exactly. I could only get my snake down about 3.5 feet and then could go any further. I believe the pipe has a 90 degree turn.

The clog is most likely a piece of clothing(sock??) or material that somehow made it through my washer pump, which had the pump belt break 2 days ago. I replaced the pump belt and we ran a few loads since and then suddenly today the drain pipe backed up all over the floor and damaged our ceiling downstairs.

A guy at homedepot told me to try clorox to see if it would eat through the fibers and loosen the clog. Is that a good idea?

Any suggetions??


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