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Posted by hj on January 23, 2003 at 21:43:13:
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Sometimes it is the way dishes are placed in the lower rack. Occasionally, if the dishes are not placed at the front of the rack, the washing action sprays full force on the door and forces water out under the door.

: My one-year-old kitchenAid dishwasher occasionally leaks water from underneath the door. When my wife starts the 1st cycle and it appears to be filling. When it goes into the 2nd cycle it starts to leak. It doesn't leak for long, it sounds like a burst of water that was under pressure and has nowhere to go and burst through the bottom door. It sounds like it happens when it starts the spin wheel cycle. The drainpipe in connected to the sinks grinder. At first, I taught it could have been clogged before she (wife) started the program and not draining correctely, but I made sure it was O.K. before she started and it happened again.
: Another cork to this is, it doesn�t happen every time. Sometimes it goes through without leaking, which drives me crazy. I checked the seal on the door and looks O.K.. It�s hard for me to check the bottom seal, unless I take the door out. The funny thing about this is, that our old Kenmore dishwasher did the same thing after a while, which I�m wondering if it�s the way my wife is using this appliance. Any help would be extremely appreciative. Thanks

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