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Posted by edj on January 22, 2003 at 22:57:18:
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: I have a ten year old home that included a 1991 Briggs Toilet. I am currently seeking to replace the tank because I suspect the old one of being cracked since I removed it from the toilet bowl. Two questions: Can I replace the tank and any ideas where to purchase a replacement tank? and 2) any way of testing a removed toilet tank for possible cracks/damage since I may need to use this old tank if I cannot find a new one? Thanx, Mike

You would have to contact a plumbing wholesaler to see if the model still exsists there are numbers inside the tank itself or on the bottom of the tank lid. If the tank is dry you might try using a felt marker,coloring the bottom and wiping it away,the color should stay in the crack.If not the only other way to tell would be to install it and see if it leaks.

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