Two Showers at the Same Time
Posted by TB on January 22, 2003 at 11:32:48:
I am going to redo the main and branch lines of our house. (Everything is 1/2" copper, with lots of pressure drop when you flush the toilet, etc.). I have calculated that I have 23.5 Fixture Units. With a 3/4 main and a 3/4 home side trunk, Terry's web site says that I can only support 19 Fixture Units.

So, can you really put a 1" trunk on a meter fed by a 3/4" street service? (Which would get me to 36 Fixture Units.)

Also, does splitting the trunk into two 3/4" lines better support two baths and showers, or is just a single main trunk throughout the house adequete?

Also, can I abbreviate Fixture Units or is that too crass?


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