Should I replace?
Posted by Tom Stock on January 21, 2003 at 10:25:47:
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Do you think it would be easier/less expensive to replace the flange myself? Cut the drain line then install a new PVC fitting using one of those rubber gaskets? What is best used to cut the cast iron drain lines? I've cut a 2" one with a hack saw before, but 4" seems kinda big to do that.

Thanks again!


: It would be a bad installation if the flange were not securely fastened to the pipe. It is secured with lead. It is easy to remove it by breaking it off. Putting the new one on, however, should be done by a plumber after you replace the flooring.

: : My wife and I just moved into a new (to us) house built in 1966. The downstairs bath toilet was leaking and caused bubbling in the 3/4" plywood attached to the subfloor. I started ripping it up, when I realized that the floor flange appears to be permanently attached to the cast iron drain line. Is this normal? It appears to be attached with a soft metal (I can scratch it easily with a screwdriver).

: : I need to rip up the plywood from around the flange and then reinstall new plywood around it. How should I remove the flange? Or should I?

: : Thanks in advance!!!

: : Tom

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