Gerber toilet flushing
Posted by Richard Breer on January 20, 2003 at 11:35:03:
We have just built several new homes with Gerber toilets. Our plumbing contractor installed them with no installation problems. Much to our amaize flushing has been a problem under normal usage throughout these houses. When overflowing this causes embrassiment to the home owner as well as the contractor(s). We had the plumbing contractor look at the operation and they have raised the water level in the tank which does help some. Also the flapper was changed to one that with out the hole. The above has not satisfied the operation of these units. The power flush has been suggested but is not recommended as there has been more problems with bladder breaking than the clogging of the standard unit. In fact I believe the power flush unit is only a band aid to the flushing problem of the standard unit. Who at Gerber engineering can a person contact to voice an opinion? Thank you for your attention. Richard

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