Re: water supply pipe size
Posted by Adam on January 19, 2003 at 20:51:43:
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Thank you Sir for your suggestions.

I should clarify a few of my original points:

In my area of Pennsylvania water meters are most commonly inside the basement of the structure. Therefore, in my situation, 3/4" type K currently runs from the main about 30 feet, penetrates the foundation, and connects to the meter just inside the basement. I'm trying to avoid excavation, retapping the main with a larger size and sealing the current tap.

Also, we are not plumbers but are experienced remodelers with soldering experience. Copper also seems to be far and away the supply pipe of choice in this area, new construction included. Although PEX does seem interesting and may be perfectly fine with the inspectors, the learning curve would be large for us.

Thanks again!

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