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Posted by Philip on January 19, 2003 at 16:23:03:
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My Dad use to have the same system. What are you trying to figure out. From what I remember, each relay had two wires (hot and neutral) for power and three wires to feed the switch (one common, one for on, and one for off). These are still made (as of 10 years ago). I talked to the engineer at the company (Remco I think) and he said that they were coming out with a solid state version that was more reliable. Things are expensive ($30, ten years ago. Try a good electric supply store. If this sounds like what you have let me know what your questions are.

: I have tried to locate a good message board for electrical issues and have not found one yet. This board is great and responses are issually pretty quick and numerous. I am trying to locate a low voltage relay 12v or 24v that mounts into a knockout in a 4x4 electrical box. Relay is fed from a low voltage light switch control panel that allows for central control of all lights in house from one main panel at door as well as respective room switches. Relay power is 12 or 24v but provides closure for circuit for 120vac lighting. This system is 30+ years old and the homeowner/builder who seems to be only one knowledgeable about this system has passed on. Any help or message board referral is appreciated. Brian Dennis

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