Oatey PVC Replacement Flange
Posted by Jim on January 19, 2003 at 09:41:55:
I have replaced an old (20yrs) cast iron flange on my toilet in my basement family room. I was getting sewer gas smell (only recently) and found the existing flange was loose. I wired brushed out the I.D. of the 4 " sewer pipe, made it nice and clean, put in the Oatey PVC replacement flange with 3 hex head screws to expand the rubber gasket, and reinstalled the wax ring and toilet. I think I am still getting some sewer gas smell. My question is should the 3 hex head screws be tightened down all the way or just enough to get a seal in the 4" pipe. I tightened the screws down as far as the the could go. Wondering if I did it right.
This sewer gas problem has just arisen. Never had a problem in the past twenty years. Thanks for your help

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