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Posted by hj on January 19, 2003 at 08:45:10:
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Normally the only thing that has to be cut is the opening around the stems so they can be removed and serviced. The part in the wall that would require a big hole almost never develops a leak unless someone damages it.

: Hi. We have two bathrooms side by side with the plumbing between the two rooms. A small, but persistant leak has developed between the two showers and appears to be in the on/off handle of the left shower. I opened the ceiling underneath the shower and can see the drip coming down, but its hard to see up well enough to determin whether the drip is from the shower head or the faucet area. Either way, there is no way to access the plumbing as both showers are one piece figergalss units. The holes where the handles for hot and cold go through are far smaller than the faucet unit, so can not be accessed from the inside of the shower.

: Clearly, something has to be cut to provide access and subsequently repaired. The only thing that could be cut would be the figreglass shower unit....and the question is...can that be reapaired? If one has to make a 12" by 12" hole can it be fixed? My thoughts are that the figerglass unit can not be reparied and that the entire unit will have to be replaced.

: Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

: thanks, Jeff

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