Waterproofing the basement
Posted by Nicole on January 18, 2003 at 07:15:31:
We have a 1970 raised ranch with a finished basement. The south side of the basement faces a hill, so when we get a big rain, the basement starts to flood, but only where it faces the hill. Last year we had an addition put on - we cut through the foundation and added a 16 x 20 foot space on the hill side. Because the addition is virtually encased in ledge, we couldn't put perimeter drains around the outside as we'd hoped. We stayed dry for awhile, but on December 8 it rained A LOT, and with the ground partially frozen, it meant nine straight hours with a wet vac and me vowing never to do this again. So my question is; do we hire a basement waterproofing contractor to peel off the new baseboards, take up the new rug, jackhammer up the foundation, and lay in the drainage system that leads to a sump pump, or just install the heavy duty sump pump that is part of the basement waterproofing system and wait to see if we really need the drainage system as well? Each contractor I've talked to hasn't liked the idea of installing just the sump pump, but I need more objective advice. Does a sump pump really only take care of an area of 8 square feet or so? Thanks so much for any help you can give us!

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