Cooling shower
Posted by Bill Ley on January 17, 2003 at 23:38:04:
I just moved into a house, built in 1984 and recently remodeled by the previous owner, who is no longer around to ask what he did. I turn on the shower (American Standard, single lever, mixer type control � looks new) and there's plenty of hot water. Three minutes later it begins to cool. Very soon it's uncomfortable. But if I go to the adjacent lavatory, the hot water tap produces scalding water. So there's hot water, it just quits going to the shower.

A plumber changed the cartridge in the mixer valve, but it made no difference.

There is a second shower in the house, with a similar control, and it does the same thing.

Local wisdom it, since it's not the cartridge, the hot and cold lines must be crossing over somewhere else. One theory is this is occurring in the washing machine because it must have a weak solenoid. Another theory is the house originally had circulating hot water and the pump is not working. I don't understand either of these theories.

I'd like to take out the single lever control and replace it with two valve type, but I'd have to tear out tile and sheet rock, and I'm not sure that would solve the problem.

Thanks for any light you can shed.

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