Re: Water Filter Drain Line
Posted by hj on January 17, 2003 at 20:53:19:
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It does not connect to the disposer opening. It uses the saddle fitting included with the RO system. You clamp it to the 1 1/2" drain tubing, drill a hole in the pipe through the opening and then connect the drain hose from the faucet to the saddle opening.

: I am installing an under sink RO water filter. There is a 3/8 drain line from the water filter faucet that I am supposed to connect to the drain. Given that there is already a air gap body (5/8 x 7/8) installed to connect the dishwasher drain to the disposer, I am not sure how to incorporate the RO drain line into this. I would appreciate any help with question. Thanks in advance.

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