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Posted by David Robinson on January 17, 2003 at 19:49:48:
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: Thank you for your advice. Do you have any recommendations for water softeners? I know very little about the subject. Thank you.

: : I wonder how they transform the hardness without chemicals. It sounds like something Dorothy would do with her red shoes. And if they backwash every day, or even just periodically, they are using much more water than a water softener. And since the medium has a finite life, "softening" the backwash water will shorten the time before the unit has to be replenished.

: : : I believe theirs has a timed backwash that is supposed to happen once per day. They claim this will backwash the trapped impurities down the drain. They also claim that the calcium is somehow changed without using chemicals so that it can be easily wiped away (on your sink, etc.). I guess I just don't know enought about the whole process to know what to do. We don't even have our well drilled yet so I don't know how our water will test. Should I just face the fact that I'll have to buy salt for the rest of my life and have one more appliance to maintain?

: : : : Unless I missed something, they call theirs a filter and water treatment unit, not a water softener. As such it would be an adjunct to a water softener, but not a replacement, regardless of what they say. Removing impurities is not the same as altering its composition to remove the calcium component. Using "scare tactics" to discredit softeners and boost their units tends to make their claims somewhat suspect. In addition, all the material that they remove has to go somewhere. If it remains in the unit, then the unit either has to be serviced at some time, or the stuff will increase to the point where the unit has to let it pass through and sometimes also carry some of the accumulated "junk" with it making the water worse than when it started.

: : : :
: : : : : I'm looking for more input on salt free water softeners and how well they work. In particular, I've been looking at one made by RainDance called Maxi-Cure. Does anyone have any advice on these? The Maxi-Cure can be seen at the link provided. Thank you.

I use a softener called the Water Boss. Good product. Check out


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