Re: High water alarms
Posted by Gary Swart on January 17, 2003 at 13:18:20:
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One of the considerations of basement plumbing is that there is always the potential of a leak. It could be a rusted out water heater, ruptured pipe, broken washer hose, supply line failure, leak in the floor or wall, or a backed up sewer. There are of course things you can and should do to prevent these from happening and ways to avoid damage, but even with the best of them, the possibility is there for disaster. A high water alarm will not prevent anything, it will only tell you after the fact that you have a problem. So for it to be of value, you will have to be home when the problem arises. It's like the old saw, "When a tree falls in the wilderness where there are no people, does it make any noise?" The alarm certainly won't hurt anything and probably is a pretty good idea, but I'd be more concerned about good construction and plumbing installation, and having floor drains.

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