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Posted by J Scates on January 15, 2003 at 23:22:57:
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It sounds like you have a good handle on the situation already, but perhaps you missed something. As you know, the odor would only come in if a trap "burps" or is sucked dry. If I understand correctly, the AAV you mention will only take care of the second source, sucking a trap dry. Do you perhaps had a problem with air/gas back pressure in the line that causes the second floor to "burp"? A vent works both ways: Letting air into the line is only half of the solution - you may need to vent out gas pressure near the end of the run to the 2nd floor, obviously through pipe/vent that runs outside of the house :)

You also might want to check the location of the current exterior vent(s): Have they been positioned so that a blowing wind could pressurize them? (such as teminating out through a side wall, or not extending far enough above the roof). As air blows perpendicular across the end of a pipe, such as with a tall-enough roof vent, it will tend to suck air out. However, if it is too short, it could actually blow back into the house, like a chimney that is too short.

Just some thoughts.

- John

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