Re: Any warnings for installing copper water lines?
Posted by Anthony on January 15, 2003 at 09:20:00:
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: : So if our water PH is tested and found to be above 6.5, will we be OK with copper? What if it tests below 6.5 and we install whatever is needed to "neutralize" it? What if our plumber refuses to install PVC? I've been hearing so many differing opinions on this topic and can't seem to form my own opinion.

: pH ranges between 0 and 14 with neutral pH being 7.0 and less than that is acidc, above is alkaline/base (caustic). If you have concerns about copper, change the specs to whatever material is allowed in your area. Or go with copper and protect it from whatever may attack it, if anythng in your water can. I suggest that instead of asking questions as here, do a search of the web and newsgroups, you can't beat the info you can gain to form you own opinion.

: All ways to treat aggressive/corrosive water work, and you don't want PVC plumbing; that is a specific type of material, not a catchall phrase as some use it. PEX and CPVC are the way to go IMO and the only two plastics allowed for hot water applications; PVC is not capable of having hot water run through it. So your plumber is correct in refusing to use PVC and code there may not allow it anyway.

I apologize for using the term PVC loosely. I understand that it cannot be used in hot water applications. I'm not familiar with PEX - never heard of it. I'm not sure if the plumber -refuses- to use plastic. I think it's more of a matter of him preferring to install copper. I just don't want problems down the road and want to make a wise decision before it's too late.

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