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Posted by nicktheplumber on January 15, 2003 at 03:08:20:
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If the meter stops only after closing the water heater supply, then you have a leak of hot water. This essentially rules out the two main causes of water loss in homes: 1) leaky water closets; and, 2)cold water leaks after the water meter. The most likely cause of a water heater leak is through the temperature/pressure relief (TPR) valve. If you don't have water visible around the heater, it's likely that your TPR valve discharges into pipe that carries the water to a floor or other drain. An easy way to determine i f this is the case in a closed discharge system is to feel the discharge pipe at a distance from the heater. If it's hot, that's your problem. Then you replace the valve.

: I just bought a new(used)home. I can hear water flowing (and see on the meter)after I turn off any fixture hot or cold. The only way to stop the meter is to turn off the water TO the hot water tank. I let the air out of the expansion tank and that seemed to slow the flow. The neighbor told me that the previous owners had high water bills.
: I cant find a leak. What is going on?
: Is it possible to send water back through the meter and the have it cycle through again?

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