Vent-related odor
Posted by Dave on January 14, 2003 at 19:11:45:
I have an owner-built house. The vents were not done properly. There are 3 bathrooms: one on the 1st floor and 2 on the 2nd. The 1st floor bath had odor from day one. This bathroom is the closest to the septic. I replaced tub trap with barrel trap and solved 90% of the problem. But still had odor from the 1st floor sink when water was run down the drain. I recently changed from 1.25" P-trap to 1.5" P-trap and added a Studor air admittance valve (AAV) following the P-trap. This solved this remaining problem in the 1st floor bath.

However, the same day, one of the 2nd floor bathrooms then started to have an odor. This bathroom is the last one on the sewer line (farthest from the septic, farthest from the Studor that was added). I have added a Studor following both P-traps of the sinks in this 2nd floor bath without improvement. I don't feel any draft from the shower in the same room. Any ideas how the sewer gas is getting into this room? This bathroom appears to have no close vent to the roof, but shouldn't the two AAVs be satisfying the need for air?


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