Re: Salt free water softeners
Posted by Gary Slusser on January 14, 2003 at 16:17:16:
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: I'm looking for more input on salt free water softeners and how well they work. In particular, I've been looking at one made by RainDance called Maxi-Cure. Does anyone have any advice on these? The Maxi-Cure can be seen at the link provided. Thank you.

Actually the part you are interested in is the "ESF (Enviro Scale Free) system is the core component of the Maxi-Cure System". That will be an anti-scale/descaling device that probably is an electronic device that supposedly magnetizes the hardness into non-scaling crystals. If not electronic, it will be actual magnets. You really need to do some research on them but... if it doesn't 'remove' the hardness (as they admit), it ain't no water softener. Search for "MWT, magnetic or mechanical water treatment + scams".

Ya'll be careful out there and if it sounds too good to be true....

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