Rusting rads
Posted by Stephen on January 14, 2003 at 10:08:40:
I moved into my house in 1997, when the house was approx 5yrs old.
Since moving in I have had nothing but problems with my central heating system.
My boiler is a combination system.

Eighteen months after moving in:-
Within a time frame of three months - three (out of a total of five) of my radiators experienced pin hole punctures.
Once I had replaced the rads, I proceeded to de-sludge the system/ rinse/ then refill, adding inhibitor.
I also had to replace the ballcock in the header tank, along with many of the radiator valves, which had rusted.

2yrs later (winter 2001) I had to replace a fourth rad. Once again I de-sludged the whole system/ rinsed/ and added inhibitor.
Since this time I have also replaced the mains pressure reduction valve.

13th Jan 2003 - My newest rad (installed winter 2001) experienced a pin hole puncture!

I can only guess that air is somehow getting into the system - but I don't know where from.
No air seems to be present when I bleed the rads.

Any advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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