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Posted by nicktheplumber on January 14, 2003 at 00:22:34:
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You will need to install a water heater in the other unit to provide hot water to that unit. This will require some plumbing rearrangements. If you are lucky, the other unit will have an ample garage, crawlspace, or best of all a basement, where this work can be done easily.

As hj says, your arrangement was never considered acceptable, at least not in the 30 years I've been plumbing. One thing I would worry about, and you didn't mention it, is this: does the other unit have its own municipal water supply (i.e. a separate meter)? If it doesn't, you have a really expensive problem to fix.

: Hello,
: Hope you can help me with this wierd situation... My wife and I purchased a Duplex several years ago. It was affordable as we were able to live one side and offset the mortgage by renting the other side. We recently discovered we were paying the hot water bill for both sides. We have separate utilities but it seems our hot water heater is connected to our tenants faucets. Our Duplex was built in 1963. Was this a common event back then? How in the world do I resolve this problem? I am looking to sell our Duplex in the near future and would like to resolve this problem before disclosing to the realtor or buyer. Please tell me what to do..
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